Hotch StudiosCommerical Photography and Video by Hotch Studios based in IowaCommerical Photography and Video by Hotch Studios based in Iowa

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Commerical Photography & Video

Professional photography & videography services for companies advertising and promotional campaigns. Create bold visual photos or video that capture the viewer’s attention.

Product Photography

Product photos need to tell a story and stand out to your customers. Graphic design with captivating images enhances visual communication to bring and keep the viewer’s attention. Lifestyle photos combine your products, employees and the environment where they come together. Bring emotion and life to your company image instead of static imagery.

Corporate Headshots & Company Group Photos

Business portraits that bring out the marketability of an employee and your company they represent. Company website bio photos that match each other. Group photos that highlight your company’s personality.

Event Photography & Video

Corporate meetings, sporting competitions, tournaments, military events or airshows—capture the moment to maximize the marketing exposure of your event. Promote future events and show people having a good time.

Photo & Video

  • Commerical Product Photography
  • Special Events
  • Cooperate Headshots
  • Promotional Video
  • Instructional Videos

Photo & Video Editing

  • Photo Editing
  • Silhouettes
  • Composites
  • Retouching
  • Masking
  • Recoloring
  • Color Correcting

Product Photos

Bring life and emotion to your visual brand with high-quality images. Attract customers to your products by standing out from the crowd. Increase conversion rates and boost sales.

In-house & Location Shoots

In the studio or at your location, it’s about what will work best to tell the story you envision.

Promotional Video

Promo videos bring your brand to life. Customers see and hear you creating a bond with your products. Produce effective how-to or instructional videos that inform and entertain.

Photos & Videos that complement a brand’s story


Part Replacement Hood Photography
Architecture Photography - American Legion Memorial Building
Product Photography - Boom Lift Platform
fly-in-breakfast-photos - P-51
Military Event Photography - WW2 Tank
Group Product Photography - Kits
Airshow event photography - P-40s
Retail Product Display Photography - Jewelry
Sporting Events - Roller Derby Skating
Corporate Headshots - Couple
Lifestyle Product Photos Outdoor at sunset - Boom Lifts
Special Event Photography - Drag Racing - Car Shows