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Hotch Studios® Branding, Design, Web, Photo & Illustration Services

Improve your business opportunities by connecting ideas to customers in your marketplace with inspiring visual communication. The story you tell across multiple marketing channels needs to be consistent and connect with customers.

Diverse design services include commercial/promotional graphic design, illustration, product photography, video production, and website development.

Discover Your Voice—Tell Your Story

You know what you want, so tell us! Helping you discover the voice you need to convey your vision is what we do. Hotch Studios wants you to be successful in your ventures.

Graphic Design

Promotional/commercial design including business branding, logos, catalogs, brochures, ads & more. Book cover design. Maps, graphs, and charts. Technical, medical, science, instructional and custom illustration.

Website Design

Your website is an important way your business interacts with customers. Set your business apart with a well-crafted online website presence that follows your brand and makes a lasting impression.

Photo & Video

Product photography and short videos to complement your promotional/commercial design.


Create a unique impression in the marketplace that sends a clear strategy and message to your customers.


Optimizing your online presence with quality copy and content earns you a higher organic ranking of your website.

Old School & New School!

Yes, we’ve been in the print & digital business for a while, and are familiar with traditional print and art methods, as well as the newest hardware and software. Projects may utilize the techniques from both worlds to get the best end result—pencils and paint brushes are our friends along with Macs and Wacom tablets!

Located between Des Moines & Omaha out of Atlantic, IA