Parks & Rec dock system

Graphic Design

Promotional/commercial design including business branding, logos, catalogs, fliers, ads & trade show materials. Book cover design. Maps, graphs and charts. Technical, medical, instructional and custom illustration

Parks & Rec dock system

Website Design

Design & layout, User Experience (UX), Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Marina Floating Dock

Product Photography

Product photography and short video to complement promotional/commercial design

Graphic Design Services

Need something a little bit unusual?

Welcome to Hotch Studios® Design and Illustration services. Diverse Design services include commercial/promotional (logo, business card, letterhead, newsletter, ad, flier, postcard and catalog), book (cover and internal elements) and don't forget web.

Illustration services include textbook artwork (elementary, high school and college), custom drawings (cartoon, technical, etc), photography and video.

Old school & new school!

Yes, we've been in the print business for a while, and are familiar with traditional print and art methods, as well as the newest hardware and software. Projects may utilize the techniques from both worlds to get the best end result—pencils and paint brushes are our friends along with Macs and Wacom tablets!

Tell us what you want—listening is FUN!

You know what you want, so tell us! Helping you discover the voice you need to convey your vision is what we do. Hotch Studios wants you to be successful in your ventures.

Hotch Studios Design and Illustration for Atlantic, Iowa